Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bright Green Helix

Deep into the college year. The work keeps coming but it's nothing I can't handle yet. Still keeping up the gym too. I look forward to the day when it doesn't take quite so much out of me. This weekend was a relaxing weekend at home. Nothing much happened, but it's been a while since I've been home and a while since I've spent a weekend doing altogether very little. The weekend before, however, was Eirtakon.

Now I'm not about to start claiming any sort of credit for Eirtakon, after securing the venue back in March, I've contributed nothing of note towards this event. However, as Treasurer of the Anime and Manga Society, I was on hand over the weekend to keep an eye on proceedings and track the money rolling through.

This year, Eirtakon's sixth, was probably the biggest and most successful yet. This year it took place in the Helix. We booked out close to the entire building just short of the Theatre, and the extra space was a massive boost to the atmosphere. The hall for the traders and costume competitions was over twice the size of the one that had been used in previous years. People had room to breath, and with a functioning air condition, the atmosphere was good all weekend. 

The foyer of the Helix is a very large area, spanning three high ceilinged floors. On the ground floor the Helix opened a café serving hot food which was an enormous success. The first floor hosted all of the guest artists, who sketched for people and sold their works. There was also a makeshift photo studio where our fabulous resident photographer Kieran Broderick. The top floor was where all of the games were played, along with the manga and comics library. 

Aside from all of that, there were screening rooms showing lots of animated TV shows and films. The guest voice actor, Spike Spencer, held a number of very entertaining panels. There were also a number of other panels held by other guests and members of the society on subjects from art and giant robots to life in Japan.

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend. I felt a little guilty for not pulling my weight and helping out with everything that needed doing, though I think taking it easy is what contributed most to my enjoyment of the weekend. It was a very successful weekend for the society too. There are still some bills outstanding, though I estimate net profits to be somewhere in the region of €18,000. The lion's share of that wealth will of course go right to the Helix to secure a booking for next years Eirtakon. I wish all the luck in the world to whoever ends up organising it.

I had a blast. I also didn't manage to get away without spending any money. I bought a piece of art from a friend and a pair of DVDs from a trader. The Giant Robo mini series and the original trilogy of Mobile Suit Gundam Movies. I've seen and love the former, I have yet to watch the latter. I might get around some time after Christmas, time allowing.


  1. Regardless of how you think that you didn't pull your weight at all, your role was a very important one and you did your job as advertised. So don't feel guilty for not going above and beyond what was expected of you.