Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the Netherlands

Well, that was a little embarrassing. Six days in Ireland and I by the end of it I'd ended up dropping my push-ups, my sit-ups and my blog. I'm fairly sure it was down to nestling back into my old comfort zone more than any kind of lack of time or busyness. I intend to get back on top of them all this week, but if this is the way it's going to be, I'm going to have to join a gym or something when I get back permanently.

Had great fun out with friends on Saturday. We went and tried some Japanese food. I'd had some before, and being the coward I am ordered as meal I'd ordered before while everyone else experimented with something new. It was alright, better than the last time I was there. Not as good as some Japanese food I've had.

Afterwards we headed to play Rock Band on a great big 42" TV. It was tremendous fun. I find myself suddenly hating my own singing voice now that I can hear it. I'm beginning to wonder if I can sing at all. Some people seem to tell me I can, others laugh at the very idea that I might be able to sing. After half hearing myself coming back through the TV, I beginning to agree with the second group. Still, I enjoy playing Rock Band and going to Karaoke.

I'm back in Holland now. Used all the travel time to catch up on the whole summer's podcasts. Well, the two I follow. The Adventuring Party's adventures at Berget 8 in Sweden impressed me hugely, I'd recommend people give those two episodes a listen. It certainly sounds like a fantastic adventure. Dodgecast's dodgy production values and amateurish direction disappointed me an almost equal amount. Hopefully they'll improve.

After touchdown, I switched on my phone and turned on data roaming for a minute, just to check my email. That minute cost me close to €10 phone credit. I won't be doing that again in a hurry.


  1. Come back sean come back!!

    Saturday was good :D food wasnt great but company was good so it didn't matter.

    I hope to get back into running from tomorrow onwards even if it kills me. Gluck with the pushups.

  2. The Netherlands must be source of your power, your self-discipline genii loci