Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Nod if You Can Hear Me

Today I finally got to debug the code I wrote last week, by running it and troubleshooting the outcome. That sounds like a small thing, but when I'm writing code, unless I can compile it or run it every few modifications to get some kind of tangible feedback, I just feel disconnected from what I'm doing.

When I'm just working on logic, and my own knowledge and ability, I eventually lose faith in the integrity of my code. But when I can just jump to a terminal and compile, it's some nice positive reinforcement. Or, if you're going wrong it helps set you right. An IDE also helps a lot in this regard, but not to the same degree.

I'm beginning to see why people go early for lunch here in Irdeto. Every day they serve up two meals in the canteen, and they're generally both pretty good. Occasionally however, one will be a bit dodgy, or one will be  great. On these occasions, by the time I get down to the canteen, one of the options will have been sold out. It's never a complete loss. Though if I had a choice, I'd take the chicken and vegetable noodles to the pork and cauliflower.

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