Wednesday, August 4, 2010


That's the sound my printer makes when it's working. My table wobbles as the ink cartridges slam backwards and forwards over the paper, rocking the printer from side to side. I've been spoiled by the smooth action of the laser printers in DCU.

I got a shock yesterday, when my bank card stopped working. It was a temporary card the bank had given me, and although I'd received a replacement in the post, I had cash on the old card so I just kept using it. I was trying to top up my travelcard, and was stunned to find it rejected. The same card I'd used to pay for lunch earlier that day. Trying it in the ATM I found myself blocked out. Luckily, my bank ING is open until 6PM, so I was able to drop in and ask them about it.

So, the nice fellow in the bank ran me through the machine and told me my card was cancelled, and I need to use the new one they sent me. I should have expected that, though I'd nearly forgotten all about it. Luckily he was also able to show me how to drain the money back off the card and into my account, which will be useful when I go to close my account.

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