Monday, August 2, 2010

Rack 'Em Up

Spent much of the day today fitting shelves into server racks. Which I can assure you was hours of fun. Camped up on the otherwise completely empty first floor, fitting nuts to the racks so the shelves can be attached. I lost track of time. I finished up about 5:30 but didn't realise until I went back downstairs to get a drink. Still a fun day, it kept me occupied. Next task is putting a digital box into each of the 96 spaces that we've made on the racks. Though I don't know if I'll be doing that tomorrow.

I picked up a cable for my printer on the way home. It was €8, which struck me as a complete ripoff. Though they didn't sell any other cables which could be used to do that job, and there weren't any other electronic stores around that were open, so I paid up. The printer I noticed has gone up to €49, which makes me a little glad I got it for €30 on Saturday.

It prints as well as a €30 would. Both black and colour are grand, but I wouldn't want to be printing photos with it, or anything that was relying on vibrant, accurate colours. The scanner works as expected, and the photocopy function seems kind of useful. As a printer scanner, it does everything I could ask of it.

Of course, buying this runs contrary to my previous assertions that I wouldn't buy a printer scanner unless it was one of those €150 HP or Samsung laser models, so I'd get something that lasts and wouldn't have to mess around with inkjet cartridges. However, needs must. I still haven't decided if I'm going to ship it back to Ireland yet or see if I can sell it to someone, but I'll cross that bridge in time.

One thing I'll miss about Hoofddorp when I go home, is all the animals. In the canals on the way to work, I can see ducks and ducklings swimming around. What I think is some kind of heron stands on the banks watching the water. Lambs wander the green areas around the outskirts of the town. A gaggle of geese was sitting by the roadside getting in the way and being a bit of a nuisance. Just on the way home today I passed a herd of swans nestled in somebody's flowerbed by a canal. One of the swans was actually pretty massive. Larger than your average dog. I was a little taken aback. The first time all month I've regretted not carrying my camera with me.


  1. Rack nuts are an absolute bitch to work with. The little buggers take your finger off if you look at them the wrong way.

  2. About halfway through I discovered we had a simple tool for slipping them in and popping them out with ease.

    It was just a thin strip of metal with a small lip at the end. Made the rest of the job a breeze.