Friday, August 20, 2010

The Preventers

This evening, while getting my things together, I realised one of the major effects the airport's security theatre has on me. Anything more than a toothbrush that I might want to put in a washbag, is not allowed on carry-on luggage. Now, this has never bothered me before, as I've always checked in baggage. But if I plan on travelling for seven days with just a backpack, and not bother paying to check it below, then suddenly airport security is the preventer of personal hygiene.
What this means of course is that I'll be forced to drop by a Tesco on the way home on Monday and pick up some things. Or if there's duty free shopping past security I guess I can get stuff there, but I've a feeling it won't be cheap. Or I could just check in a bag. Though that would involve bringing two bags, as I wouldn't want to stow my laptop below. 

I'll figure something out, I have a couple of days anyway.


  1. You can buy stuff small enough to be/ allowed go in luggage. Dont you have stuff at home? At least if you do buy stuff, it wont go to waste you can leave it in pleasntville.

  2. This is true.

    It'll get used eventually.