Wednesday, August 18, 2010


So I bought a new phone. That phone I've been talking about for the past four months? I bought that one. It's an Android smartphone, a little unique compared to most on the market. Rather than being half a grand worth of Snapdragon processors and SuperAMOLED screens like the Samsung Galaxy, the iPhones or any of HTC offerings, the phone I opted for is a small, light device with a sliding keyboard. Though Sony have heavily customised Android to run nicely on the smaller device, meaning that it's a couple of versions behind the current release.

The main reason I bought it, is for development. I want to write some Android apps. I've already written a few small ones based on Google's documentation, but I haven't had much time for it since moving to Holland. So I hope to get cracking on that now in September. I'll probably pick up a book on the subject, which should help matters in that regard.

The only thing about the phone that I think might be worse than my current phone, is it's ability to play music. My current phone is a Walkman, and has 8GB of internal memory. Which is quite useful, and saves me having to carry a separate mp3 player. The new phone doesn't really have any internal memory to speak of, and isn't a Walkman. Though it does have a media player and takes memory cards, so it may be able to replace the Walkman given a suitably sized card. Something else I'll need to get.

I look forward to playing with it once I get it. I'm interested to see how it compares to other smartphones that my friends have. Particularly the Palm Pre, the iPhone 3GS and the Samsung Galaxy S. Heads up guys, I'm coming for your phones.

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