Thursday, September 2, 2010

Electric Glossy

This has been a pretty slow week, though not the slowest since I got here. Though next week will hopefully be a bit more involved. I've finally been given a proper task to do again. It's a little vague and a bit tricky but should keep me busy for a few days at least.

Samsung have been showing off their new tablet, the Galaxy Tab. It's only a 7" tablet compared to Apple's 9" iPad. Which doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it works out as being about half the size of the iPad. Which in turn makes it small enough to hold with one hand. I'd imagine it's quite a bit lighter too. It runs Android 2.2 and has a very nice vibrant looking screen.

There have been quite a few tablets released running Android since the iPad launched earlier this year, but this looks to be the first one that doesn't look to be completely or partially rubbish. It looks quite good, a proper competitor to the iPad. The small size actually makes it a bit better, in my eyes. Maybe not as good for watching videos, but I wouldn't use the iPad for something like that anyway.

Sony have also upgraded their ebook readers. They all have sharper screens, are lighter, faster and have a touch surface. They look pretty neat, though the price hasn't changed. I'd definitely buy one where money no object, but as it stands I think I'll leave it until ebook readers become a little more ubiquitous or the prices fall some more. As it stands, I could get 20 books for the same price.

Looks like the trip to Munich is off. What a shame. Maybe we'll get to go next year, and organise it a little better.  There's always hope. Maybe I'll go somewhere else, I don't know yet. We'll see. I'm quite disappointed, but I guess these things can't be helped. I suppose we were a little late getting out skates on with organising it. Live and learn.

AKG have re-released their ultra high end reference class headphones rebadged under Quincy Jones' name. They seem to be the same headphones, but now they have a Q on the side and a bright green cable. These headphones already cost nearly €300 but I have a feeling Quincy Jones' name being attached will bring the price up further.

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