Friday, September 24, 2010

Job Done

Today was my last day of work. That's it, I'm finished. There was lots of lovely cake served to say goodbye to me, and I was given a lovely Irdeto branded notepad, flash drive and pen. The notepad is great. Another person was leaving today too, a woman who started the same day as me. So there was lots more cake in the afternoon. Then we spend the long evening drinking and chilling out in the company bar. I got a couple of games of pool in to prove how bad I am.

And now I'm free. I gave back all the company property I also checked in all my change sets, potentially breaking lots of code, but I'm gone now so I don't need to be there to find out. I might come back next year. Some people certainly seem to be eager to get me back in as soon as possible, but I think it would be worth getting a degree first. It's something I'll need to give some thought to.

I'm still not finished packing. I can't bring myself to pack my backpack any way other than laptop first. If I pack it and then can't fit the laptop in it's all a little pointless. I still have to figure out what to do with this printer. If I've time I might drop it up to Robby, but I'm tempted to just leave it here. Robby lives a bit of a distance away and probably won't be up until lunchtime tomorrow. Though he wasn't particularly interested in taking it in the first place.

I'll figure out something tomorrow morning, I guess.

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