Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Scritch Scratch

I've gotten my third year results. At long last. I was concerned that I was going to fail one of my modules, Object Orientated Analysis and Design. Though at the end of it all I came out with 66, a good mark. Everything turned out better than expected. It brings my total mark for the year to a 2.2. Which isn't the best I could have gotten but I'm glad regardless. All that's left for me to do is to submit my INTRA report, which I should be able to wrap up this weekend.

Next thing on my list is to pick a set of modules for final year. I have to pick three from a group of nine for my first semester and three from a group of six for my second semester. There's quite a varied choice available, some that I won't even consider so the choice is easier than first appears. There are some very interesting sounding modules with reputations for being extremely tough. There are some boring sounding modules with reputations for being extremely easy. I won't consider any of the boring sounding modules with reputations for being touch, which leaves the modules that sound somewhat interesting and may turn out to be somewhat easy.

Obviously I'm picking the last set, and a couple from the interesting/hard set. Which leaves me with two modules to pick to round up the selection. I'll go over them again tomorrow and make my final choice when I register.