Monday, September 27, 2010

To the Grindstone

Back to work! Only back a day and lectures start tomorrow. Straight into Security Protocols, first thing tomorrow morning. I also need to finish my registration for my modules. I've got a couple of hours free over lunch so I'll have to take care of it then. I still haven't fully decided what modules I want, but I guess I can change that after I get a good feel for what's available.

I have no food in my house, this is something I'll need to resolve. I had takeout when I got home last night, and more takeout tonight. I've decided I hate takeout. I need to buy real food. A trip to Tesco will have to happen soon. I may also start making my own lunch. Sandwiches or something. I can cook when I get home. This would be a lot cheaper.

Also, now that I'm home, I need to join up to the Gym.


  1. Security is in semester one now. And a bunch of crypto stuff has been dropped from it.