Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mean Streets

So on Friday, we all went into Amsterdam for drinks. We had a good time, such a lively city at night. I still don't understand why every night out turns into a pub crawl though. Several times we were settled into a pub and having a grand time, when suddenly it was time to wander a few streets and find a new one. It's something I'll never understand.
I saw Machete today. In typical Robert Rodriguez fashion, it's one of the most ridiculously over the top films I've ever seen. The plot seems to be mostly an excuse for Danny Trejo to travel around Texas cutting people. It was all very enjoyable though. Robert De Niro was very good as the Texan Senator, as were the rest of the cast. Like the movies where the original trailer for Machete featured, it is very much a tribute to the low budget grindhouse exploitation movies of the seventies. Worth a watch.

My card was acting a bit weird at the train stations on the way to Bijlmer Arena. I had trouble swiping in first, and then trouble swiping out afterwards. The end result was that I ended up being charged a flat fee for the train journeys instead of for the stations I passed through. €20 instead of €4. I'm a little annoyed about that, and will be reluctant to take the train there again. The bus may be slower, but at least the max charge is only €4.

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