Monday, September 6, 2010

Stop That.

I'm going to take a step here, and risk cutting off my own toes with this. If there's one thing on the internet that annoys me more than most things, and there are a lot of annoying things on the internet, it would have to be the winging. The constant winging and whining. Yes, even more than the sense of self righteous entitlement that everyone seems to have.

People whine on the internet, a lot. The internet is almost a perfect forum for whining, but it constantly gets on my nerves. Particularly people whining about their families and their mothers. Every time I see someone complaining about their mother on facebook, I just want to tell them to man up, then reach into the internet and give them a good hard slap.

I realise that this rant may sound a little ironic coming from me. So I'll just leave that there and move swiftly along.

Firstly, The GO! Team may now be one of my favourite bands. I don't know if I've already mentioned this. 

Secondly, Warren Spector gave a great talk at PAX 2010 which was captured on a shaky camcorder here. If you don't know who Warren Spector is, don't bother visiting the link. You might not appreciate it as much. Don't feel bad about that. Instead, keep an eye out for a Disney Mickey Mouse video game headed for Nintendo's Wii. 

When it gets released, buy it.


  1. "People whine on the internet, a lot."

    Yes especially in blogs and stuff, it gets very daunting after awhile. Livejournal is notorious for whining. Why can people blog about being optimistic and just be happy on the internet. ;-p

  2. You're right, we all need lollipops and rainbows.

    But seriously, I hate when people do that, I'm used to the every day winning we all need to do a little bit of, but raging about family / friend on social networks is just not on.