Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bags of Fun

The Hague was fun. Crashed on by boss' living room floor and got a very early train home. It says a lot that I was able to wander aimlessly to a local train station at 7 in the morning, go to a platform and see an intercity train was headed to Haarlem, swipe my card and get on. Public transport here really is fantastic. All you need is a travel card and a bicycle.

I bought a bag yesterday, for no real reason. A backpack with space for a laptop, and a lot of extra room. It will probably hold a lot of stuff. I didn't realise how big it was until I got it home. I could probably fill my old bag with stuff and put it inside. It's a solid bag, it'll do me well.

While I was getting it, I checked out the other bags around, and fell in love with one particular messenger bag they sold. It's probably the most perfect bag I've ever seen. Everything about it was just right. All the pockets were in the right places, and it had somewhere to put everything. Great quality too and nearly half the price of the bag I ended up buying. Problem was it was designed for a 13" laptop, mine wouldn't have fit in it.

I was kind of bitter about this, as if I had my choice of perfect laptop it would be a 13" one. I've always hated my laptop because of its unreasonable size. Other than the size and weight its a great laptop, but I wanted something a bit smaller and lighter. This, however, is what I'm stuck with for the next few years. Maybe in 2013 I'll get a new one.

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