Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So, while I've been away, Cian has been using my bike. I told him he could, since he cycles to work every day and he got a puncture in his the night before I left. He hasn't been able to fix the puncture, the hub gears on his citybike makes it a little bit difficult to remove the back wheel.

Well, today I've been told that someone has made off with the seatpost and saddle from my bike. As you can imagine, I'm less than thrilled at this news. My bike had an excellent saddle, and while Cian promised to replace it, I don't have faith in him to pick one of equal quality that will match the aesthetic theme of my bicycle. Not a very good photo, but then I'm not a very good photographer.

A friend of mine should be starting here in the company in the next month or so. He'll be spending a year over here as an internship. I'm a little jealous of him, but I'll be glad of the company when he arrives. He'll be joining my team along with a bunch of other interns from around Europe. Someone up high must have thought myself and Daryel were doing a good job, as they seem intent on pulling in as many interns as they can over the next year.

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