Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night Heat

It's 26 degrees outside. Humidity is at 56% and I don't have any kind of fan or air conditioner. Not wind to speak of, the air is hot, sticky and not moving. I find this difficult to tolerate. I wonder if I could ever survive a Japanese summer if I can't take this. It's nearly worse here than it was in the office, and we didn't have air conditioning there either.

I ordered internet banking login details from my bank a week ago, and I still haven't seen anything. I hope my landlady remembers my name and passes on anything that comes in for me. I think I might change my delivery address to the office. At least that way I can be sure of receiving anything that's sent to me. I figure the mail slot is big enough for a book if I order from Amazon.

I finished a week of push ups. It wasn't too bad at all. The way it breaks up the push ups into sets of 6 or 8 certainly makes it easier. Though having read through week two's course I expect the difficulty to ramp up in week 3. Before I started, I had to test how many pushups I was capable of, to judge my strength. I only managed 16, and it wasn't an easy 16. I have to retake the test at the end of next week, I look forward to seeing if I've improved much.

I finally got through to my former landlady, after ringing her for two weeks straight. She tells me that she was on holidays, and has posted out my deposit. Which is great. It should just about cover next months rent in Pleasantville. Now that that's sorted, I'm tempted to order one of those textbooks, or that new phone.

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