Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today I saw Toy Story 3. The ending made me cry like a little girl. The most fun I've had in the movies since Up! Though I've only seen a small handful of films since I saw Up! I saw it in a great cinema out by Amsterdam Arena run by Pathé. Though it was a bit expensive, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I did have to sit around for a few hours to wait for the English version. Luckily there was a massive electronics store right outside.

Media Markt. I've mentioned this before. When I arrived in Holland, I visited Saturn, and was amazed. Here was an electronics store which was far and away bigger and better than any electronics store I've visited in Ireland. Fantastic selections, great ranges and good prices. They seemed to do everything from sim-unlocked phones, to cameras. Televisions, fridges washing machines and electric ovens. As well as a big hi-fi, computer and games department. Media Markt is to Saturn, what Saturn is to those quaint little Irish electronics boutiques.

In Media Markt I saw an array of headphones, all available to sample. I am now officially a convert to AKGs, the sound quality of Seinnheiser but significantly more comfortable. A selection of camera that once again made me acknowledge how undeniably cool DSLRs are, even if I don't have the interest or ability in photography to get one. In Saturn they had an €80,000 TV. In Media Markt they had four of those TVs squared up and used as a single screen. A Samsung LED TV which the width of a pencil at its widest point. A wide array of phones, hair straighteners, computer components, fridges, camcorders, fans, ovens, washmachines, computers, monitors, e-readers, car stereos, games, music, etc, etc, etc.

I think I've made myself clear at this point. Not that it's the perfect store. Their selection of external hard drives was pretty poor, as was their selection of computer components. Great array of speakers though. Their selection of mp3 players was something of a joke, they might as well have labelled it the iPod department, as non-Apple hardware were few and far between. Overall it was a pretty great shop. They also have the best price for that phone I want, or will once they stock it.

The weather today was fantastic. A sky blue day, with the sun splitting the stones. I got a great haircut. It was pricy, but it was good. The barbar finished it off with a cut throat razor, which was cool. The bus out to the Arena to the cinema was long, but I enjoyed it, got to see some nice countryside. Lots of sun all the way back too. As soon as the sun went down though, there was a sudden storm. A months worth of rain, and more lightning than I've seen in my lifetime. Several strikes every second. And this went on for a while. A tree outside was hit, though it's being cleared as I type.

So yeah, my advice for the week. Go see Toy Story 3.

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  1. Quite enjoyed Toy Story 3. Still prefer UP, but this outing on the Toy Story franchise was far, far stronger than I was expecting. From the opening, where you notice Bo Peep is missing, to Woody 'waving' goodbye - all the more haunting because it wasn't a time-jump; Andy's voice actor has grown up in the intervening years.