Monday, July 12, 2010


Today, my bus card didn't work. I have no idea why. I stepped onto the bus, swiped it and nothing happened. So I swiped it again. Nothing happened. The bus driver was looking at me impatient, so I got off and went to the ticket machines. Swiped the card, card registered, €18.36 credit. Back to the bus, swipe card, nothing happens.

Now, of course my first instinct would be to assume the ticket machine on the bus was broken. However, that would be disregarding the fact that everybody else who boarded the bus swiped their cards just fine. Also the fact that there are three ticket checkers on the bus and none of the worked. If this card is irredeemable broken, I'll be annoyed. It'll mean I'll have to buy a new travel card, and the €18 remaining on this one will be gone to waste.

Today was very rainy. Massive downpours and great big puddles all the way home on the bus. Of course, this weather didn't stop the temperature from climbing above 28°C in the office. It is genuinely difficult to work in these conditions. I'm just not used to this level of heat combined with the humidity. I only wish they would turn up the aircon. 

Still no package from Amazon, I'm starting to wonder when my books will arrive. With luck, I'll get them tomorrow.

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