Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The Android book I've had my eye on was published today, though it's still not available through Amazon. Which isn't an entirely bad thing I guess. While I've worked my way through my small intro book, I'm only getting started on Head First Java, which is a lot bigger and a lot denser. I may be at it a while. When I'm a bit further into it, I guess I might buy the other books I have my eye on, Hello Android and Head First C#. It'll be another while before Head First Python gets a release.

Today is also the day when Meteor started offering the phone I've been looking for on pay as you go. I'm particularly glad about this, as Meteor will knock a bit off the price. Not as much as I hoped, but €250 is less than half the price of a new HTC Desire.

People say that getting a smartphone through a provider might not be the best plan, as it might come customised by Meteor, and I may have to wait for Meteor to approve firmware and OS updates to it. That may be so, but frankly, I think that's worth the €70 discount. Also, I have close to €90 call credit on my Pay As You Go SIM. I have no intention of switching plan or provider until that's gone.

I might actually wait until I get back to Ireland to actually buy the phone. Having a reliable delivery address would be helpful for this. Also, if I'm lucky the price might have dropped another €20 by then. Now the only trouble on my mind is which bag do I want to buy. The super functional and decent looking backpack, or the quite functional and slightly funky looking messenger bag.

I already have a messenger bag, and the backpack would be far more useful. But for some reason, I like the messenger bag more. Probably the bright green inner lining against the plain black exterior. Well, I won't need it for a while so I have some time to decide.

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