Thursday, July 22, 2010

To The Hague

Tomorrow night is another meeting for the Irish Mafia. Which is what they say here in Irdeto when all the Irish workers get together and head for food and drink. It's a semi-regular thing, most of the Irish workers being managers and directors who spend every other week flying to odd corners of the world makes organising these things difficult I guess. Even tomorrow, one fellow has already pulled out because he suddenly had to fly to Australia.

I've never been to the Hague before, but nowhere in Holland is really and significant distance from anywhere else. I'll just grab the train after work and I'll be there in no time. Well, longer than it would take me to get to Amsterdam at any rate, but I have no big plans for tomorrow either way.

Head First Java is certainly a lot heavier than the last book I tried, though it seems to hang together better. It deals with more complex and abstract notions but still manages to explain them really well. It throws examples and puzzles at me a lot harder and faster than the other one too. Still, I'm only a chapter in and I already feel like I understand a lot more about encapsulation, inheritance and various other parts of object orientated programming than I did going in.

This book may just deserve all the praise it gets, but I still can't see Cian liking it. It'll probably be too childish for him.

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