Friday, July 16, 2010


I don't know if you noticed, but yesterday, I missed an update. I didn't even realise until this morning. Probably distracted due to the week of things not being entirely peachy. From my bus card not breaking to my saddle getting stolen, not to mention the curse of the fatal death which struck some of my virtual machines in work.

What surprised me about the week was the silver lining of my new programming books. I was genuinely shocked by how much I'm enjoying reading them, and how much I'm looking forward to cracking them open and reading through the next chapter. I can easily see myself buying some more volumes form this series on other technologies or languages when I'm done with these.

Turns out the ticket machines at the train stations dispense bus cards, so I bought a new one. €7 + travel credit. Hopefully this one won't fade out like the last one did. I'll have to sent the old one in to the company who run it to get my €6 back, or I could save it and use it for the train.


  1. Enjoy the books :) just dont turn into a Cian on us.

  2. I think Cian would sneer if he caught a look of these books. :)

  3. Oh there the cartoon ones? I used one of those to learn patterns and metrics, I enjoyed it.