Monday, July 19, 2010


Something I realised today. Lately, I've found myself wanting for lots of things. Books, gadgets, electronics, furniture, bags, and so on. Only today I found myself pricing up e-readers and checking some backpacks online. I've even started maintaining a number of wishlists on

Now, I wasn't completely without wants before. I wouldn't have said no to a new monitor or a nice computer desk, and I've actually had my eye on that Android phone for a while. Though lately I seem to be adding more and more things to my wish list as each day goes by. Some things I don't even need.

Of course, I have no intention to buy most of these things, and couldn't even afford most of them if I did. Though I do want them. Nearly to the point where I feel my life might be somehow better if I just had an e-reader wrapped in a leather cover snuggled between my big book of networking and my expensive notebook safe inside my brand new and oh so fashionable messenger bag.

I have no idea what has spawned this trend of overt consumerism in my life. Possibly the daily grind of work at work followed by work at home, passing the time in between spinning on my chair, has led me to long for objects of desire which might brighten up my otherwise monotonous existence? Certainly, I've really been enjoying the last set of books I've bought and am considering purchasing another.

While I'm not in the midst of some glorious revelation which will transform me into some kind of virtuous flower child who eschews all worldly belongings, I can't help think it's unhealthy to constantly want after things. Though for the moment, I'll just continue looking at expensive gadgets online and wonder if my life would be somehow enriched by their presence.


  1. I had stared this post earlier to remind me to comeback and comment. I can't remember what I wanted to say :(

  2. If it was important, you'll remember. :)

  3. :_: it was so important, I could have solved world hunger for all you knew.