Monday, July 5, 2010

Moving Pictures

I love the cinema. Not as some kind of fan of arthouse exploration or big old buildings, but as an excursion and an event. I've seen a lot of films in cinemas, and one thing I've always found is that the experience is always better. The films are more engrossing and more enjoyable, purely by being bigger. The sensory deprivation provided by settling into an armchair in a large dark room also helps.

Now, I haven't actually been to the cinema in a while. Despite the number of supposedly must see movies that have been released over the past year, I realised that since Zombieland, the only movie I've seen in a cinema is Iron Man 2. Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Kick Ass, I've missed them all.

This wasn't because I didn't want to see them, not because I didn't want to see them. Though I did find it hard to drum up enthusiasm for Avatar. This is because I don't want to go to the cinema alone. Visiting the cinema is a fantastic experience. Lining up for tickets, picking up some popcorn or sweets. Strolling in to your seats and sitting for for some great trailers-and the trailers are always great- and finally, discussing the move afterwards with your friend, partner, sibling, what have you. Going to the cinema is a fantastic experience. Though lately, I've found it hard to find people to visit the movies with.

Of course, living here in the land of dykes and bicycles-or levies and bicycles if your prefer- I'm left with something of an option. Visit the cinema alone, or don't see Toy Story 3. This was something I didn't want to have to face. The idea of seeing a film alone just seems wrong to me. Granted, I know that many of my friends do this quite regularly when they want to see a film, but to me the notion doesn't seem right. Still, I may end up just going to see Toy Story yet.

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