Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adventure Time

I figure, this Saturday or Sunday, I may finally visit Amsterdam. I've been in Holland nearly a month and I haven't gotten around to taking a train in yet. I've only a few errands to run this weekend, so I figure I'll use the extra time to catch a train in and have a look about. I don't know what I expect to find, I don't exactly have a lot of spending money, though I do like browsing high streets and electronics stores.

I should expect to find some museums around. If I'm lucky I might see a famous painting or two. I'm sure the older parts of the city also have nice architecture that's worth checking out. Other than that, I'm not sure what I expect to find. Maybe some nice souvenirs. I guess I'll find out at the weekend. Exploring new places is fun and interesting.

I may have previously mentioned the new iPhone. It's been launched with it's new looks and added features which finally bring it in line with a regular smartphone. Though a flaw has been uncovered. In the US, the iPhone is exclusively carried by AT&T, who are infamous for their less than adequate reception and problems with dropping calls on the previous models of iPhone. So the new iPhone features a redesigned antennae, one that surrounds the outside of the phone and is broken into two parts. One part for local connectivity, and one for calls and 3G. Users have found that if they bridge the gaps between these two antennae, as one might accidentally do while holding it in their left hand, the signal drops. Knowing Apple they'll be quick to fix it. That company knows how to do image and PR.

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  1. Visit Amsterdam"s tourism site! I like to plan out where I want to go and see as much as possible :D

    That shit about the phone :S will that mean a total recall? :S