Saturday, June 26, 2010


I didn't think that was a word. Google says it is; Google's been wrong before. The weather is fabulously sunny, warm and humid. The last bit is not enjoyable. Now I like sunny weather, however I don't like being too warm. This becomes a problem on sunny days. I'm not a big fan of jaunting about in a t-shirt. I like my hoodys and jackets; they give me more pockets to store things. Though, I guess this is why I bring a messenger bag with me wherever I go. Slightly more casual than a backpack.

Today I bought a moleskin notebook. Smallish, about A6. Nice, soft supple cover, and good quality blank pages. It's a good notebook. I'm glad I bought it. I tend to carry notebooks with me. I have a collection of A5 reporters pads. I generally have one or more in my bag at a time with a pen jammed in it. I find them useful to jot down things to remember, as I'm more than a little forgetful about things. Something which people are quick to remind me of. I do have an excellent memory for irrelevant information or statistics, and I can generally recall anything I've forgotten with a gentle reminder, which is where the notebooks come in handy.

Doctor Who ended this evening. It was a pretty fantastic ending, solidly entertaining and dealt with all the leftover mysteries and hanging questions I could think of. Hopefully next season will be twice as good. I don't think that's too much to ask now that all the characters have gotten into their roles. I'll be looking forward to the Christmas Special at any rate.

Also over is Durarara!! The exclamation marks are part of the name. Enjoyable from start to finish, with a good ending. The main characters all learned something and matured, and the audience was given a deeper insight into the minds and aims on of the supporting cast. Nothing was really changed though, the story left the city largely as it had found it when it began, albeit a little safer. I wonder will we see a second season, as I don't believe the series of novels it was based on have been translated into English yet.

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