Monday, June 21, 2010

More Substantial?

Sandwiches are the order of the day. I've gotten fed up of pasta entirely for the time being, so I grabbed some bread and other ingredients necessary to make a sandwich. Dutch bread leaves me longing for home, but the sandwich wasn't bad. No doubt a result of my uncanny ability to make sandwiches. Next time I buy bread I'll try something different to the store baked pan.

Doctor Who is over. Well, there's one episode left, though after watching the end of the last episode I'm pretty sure the next episode will consist of nothing more than Steven Moffat walking on stage and announcing that he has decided to gracefully end the franchise and move onto other things. Unless of course there is a miraculous escape in the works. Miraculous escapes are quite common in Doctor Who.

Things are heating up in Durarara!! and Full Metal Alchemist is just about over too. By the end of next week, every television show I follow will have ended. I still have more Steven Hawking to watch, though I'd say this is a sign that I should go back to work. I haven't even looked at Android in over a week. Soon all these distractions will be behind me. Though there is still the World Cup.

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  1. Right if I ever get over there, or the next time you are home, I am teaching / forcing you to learn how to cook chicken!