Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rainy Day in Heemstede

Though not too rainy. Settling into the new room nicely. I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay. Got the bus again today, and once again it only cost me €4, I should really find out why that bus driver from the other day sold me two tickets. Still, €4 ain't cheap.
€4 especially ain't cheap when you consider that there's a bicycle road stretching from right outside my door, to the edge of town, and all the way to Hoofddorp alongside the motorway, then through Hoofddorp to my office. Words really can't fully describe just how good the cycling infrastructure over here is. It's good to the point where nobody wears a helmet. Even people on Vespas and scooters nip around using the cycle lanes with no protection.

Pedestrians and particularly cyclists have far more rights on the roads than motorists do, and every driver knows it. Simply walking near a pedestrian crossing will cause any cars on the road nearby to stop and wait for you to cross. Even buses will stop midway through a roundabout because a pedestrian was waiting to cross. Then he stayed there while some cyclists passed too. Nobody wears safety gear, and from the looks of it, they honestly believe they don't need it.

I took some photos of my room, you can see them on my webalbum. tiny icebox in the freezer, it really holds enough food to live on and no more. No oven, which limits my available choice of food. Did go shopping today, will probably go again tomorrow. Found one of the two laundry shops in town. It have remarkably short opening hours, and although there are lots of machines, I get the impression it may not be a DIY thing. Certainly, if I want to use it, I'd need to get there bright and early on Saturday.

Tomorrow I'll try find the other Laundry, google tells me its' there. Then again, google also told me that there is a Domino's Pizza in the middle of a nearby forest.

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