Monday, June 28, 2010

Boxcar Racer

So, I finally did what I promised and nabbed a shot of that boxcar racer that fellow comes to work in. It's purple, as you can plainly see. The pictures are in my gallery so you can take a good look at the slightly scarred beast. I'm finding it hard to cope in this humid sticky weather. I get up, shower, change into fresh clothes and by the time I get down the street I feel like I could do with another shower.

Did I mention I like my moleskin notebook? I'm not saying this lightly when I say it's possibly the best notebook I've ever gotten. The only way it could be better were if it were a diary. Of course, I still carry my bag an an A5 notepad around with me. Different items have their different uses. It's also getting me back into the habit of carrying pens everywhere. This is a good thing, pens are infinitely useful.

The smartphone I've been looking forward to was finally released today with no fanfare. It's a slightly more feature filled version of the X10 Mini which was launched last month to some pretty good reviews. At €300, it's significantly cheaper than most smartphones on the market, though far beyond my means. I think I'll leave it a few months. I guess I didn't really need a phone anyway. My current phone and a half do everything I could want them to. Though the audio jack on the Walkman Phone is getting fussy. I hope it doesn't give out soon, it'll leave me without an mp3 player. Needless to say there isn't much available for me to read over here, all the printed media appears to be in Dutch.


  1. Get amazon to deliver you books?

  2. Never ordered books off of Amazon before, I always tend to buy from my local bookstore in Cavan.

    Maybe I'll give it a try.