Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Very Own Hovel

Moved into my room today. The room where I sill stay for the next three months. It's difficult to describe, and not the best room I've ever stayed in, but it will do for the three months I'm here. I'll take a few photos tomorrow.
The new room is in Heemstede, which is conveniently located on a bus route which leads right to my office. Unfortunately, public transport, it seems, is expensive. Got the one and only bus to the house, which is a distance of just under 10km. Roughly the same distance from IKEA to St. Stephens Green, taking Ballymun Road. In Dublin, taking the bus this distance would cost you somewhere between €1.80 and €2.20.

Prices here in Holland are a bit different. On my way in, I told the driver where I was going, and he sold me two tickets, one for €2.40 and another for €4. I'm not sure what the €2.40 ticket is for; When getting the bus back, I produced both tickets and again told the driver where I was going. This time, I was only sold another €4 ticket. The drivers themselves seem to be very particular about exactly how you hand them the money too. Both times I went to hand it to them and was sternly told to place it down on their ticket counter. Maybe they're being watched with cameras to ensure they don't pocket a Euro or two on the side.

Obviously, travel cards are the way to go. I don't know if they're any cheaper, but they'll certainly be more convenient that carrying around so much change. I attempted to buy one today, but was once again unable to. Two things I'm missing, the first is a postal address. Having just moved in, I'll have to get it from the new landlady. The second, is the iDEAL facility. It seems to be some sort of method used over here that allows you to shop only directly debiting your bank account. A link between online shopping and online banking.

If I was Dutch, I'd have no problem sorting these things out, though I'm beginning to wonder if there's more to that joke my co-worker made about them not liking foreigners using public transport. At any rate, there is a fantastic cyclist only road that also goes all the way from my workplace to  my new apartment. Maybe I'll take another look at getting a bike.

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