Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just like Yesterday

It surprises me how this has all become normal to me. Life in the Netherlands, that is. Get up every morning, grab a bus to work and home again in the evening. Working eight hours a day makes you adapt quicker, I guess. Though I find myself constantly tired. Rising at six thirty is something that I'm taking longer to become accustomed to. I'll have to try and get more sleep some way.

The ground floor bedsit has been gutted. I'm told that just before I moved in, the occupant jumped in the shower tray, splitting it and spilling water all over the carpeted floor. I haven't seen the lodger who was living in that particular room, so I'll take it that he's been sent on his way.

I quite like the look of Microsoft's Kinect. Signing into the Xbox by waving, playing music and films with voice control. It may not be new technology, but applying it like this fashion impresses me a lot. I've used voice control on my computer in the past; It doesn't feel natural while you have a keyboard and mouse under your fingertips. I think it might get more use on a games console in the living room. It seems like a more natural home for it.

Of the games on display, Ubisoft's fitness game looks to be very cool in how it interacts with the camera, I'd consider getting it over Wii Fit. I'd hope if offers the same style of fun filled exercise. Harmonix's Dance Central was the only game that looked like it might be successful, though I'm sure that developers will figure out something cool to do with this hardware.

It's interesting to see how the console market is diversifying like this. There wasn't a lot of difference between any consoles on previous generations. Even recently, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 very similar machines in what they offer and how you interact with them. Now with the Wii, the similar but more advanced Playstation Move, and the completely different Kinect, I imagine we're going to see a lot more games exclusive to one machine. It will be interesting to see what effect this has, if any.

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