Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Weeks

Time flies. Like, really flies. I've only turned around and I'm here two weeks. In the blink of an eye, two weeks in the Netherlands. Two weeks in Irdeto. Two weeks of blogging. I wasn't expecting that to go by so quickly, though that is life, I guess.

Bank is pretty much totally sorted, at this point. Which is great. Finally I can pay for a bus without scrounging for change, and get dinner without visiting an ATM. Life certainly will be getting a lot more convenient in the near future. Though, while I would love a bicycle, I don't think I'll end up buying one. Too much of an expense; I don't think I'm really here long enough to justify it.

Today Microsoft launched a new Xbox. All sorts of fancy new features like integrated Wi-Fi and a bigger hard drive, as well as a smaller footprint. I find myself wanting one, and adding it to my wishlist of wonderful things. It'll go somewhere in the middle, around giant television, projector and leather sofa. The cheap side of a big house and a nice car, though firmly past the phone, desk and chairs at the more sensible end of the list.

I'm currently watching Katanagatari. A very enjoyable show about a naive martial artist from the countryside, who specialises in a discipline designed for disarming and killing swordsmen while unarmed. He's recruited by a young woman, who is purportedly a general from the shogunate, to find and retrieve a collection of 12 deadly swords known as the Deviant blades. It's a good show, the characters are unusual, but well defined. The pace is steady, but not slow. Everything is adequately explained, and every twist makes sense, though they aren't predictable. The action is quick, and to the point, and the art style is very unique. One episode airs every month, so it'll last a while. I'm quite enjoying it.

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