Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Always in the Sun

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. I didn't even notice. Though with the longest day of the year comes the shortening of days. Though there's still plenty of summer left, long may it last. The chap downstairs has moved back in since the apartment has been re-floored. He unfortunately finds himself without internet. I gave it a look though the problem seems to be somewhere between him and the router. I guess the cabling was damaged when the new floor was being laid. I'm sure the landlord will sort him out somehow.

There's a new Warhammer 40k online game in the works. I've never been a man for online gaming. The amount of time and money the designers expect players to devote wasn't really a draw for me. I do however like toy soldiers, and Warhammer; I might try it out when it comes out, though if they expect me to pay regularly to continue playing I can't see myself keeping it up. There's plenty of things to occupy my time that don't cost money. Like Android. I'm not sure if you can call it recreational programming though, I'm not solving big problems here. Just building an application.

This evening I learned that the old family scanner does not work with Windows 7. Now, while I could coax some Vista drivers to working for 32-bit Windows, the new family computer lives in 64-bit Windows land. This is a minor inconvenience, as scanners are occasionally useful. However, those occasions are so infrequent I can almost count them without having to take my socks off. So I can't see replacing it any time in the near future. Makes me think that next time we should get an all in one scanner and laser printer. Laser, because ink-jets waste quickly and print slower and noisier.


  1. Also they break when you step on them. True story.

  2. LOL, don't step on them then >.> I was giving a scanner and it refuses to work in windows 7 land :(

    Lasty laser are cool kids, just don't point them at the dog.