Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Irdeto Start

Today was my first day at work... and I slept in. Fantastic. Was due to start at 08:30, so set my alarm for 06:30 and went to bed, wasn't able to sleep for several hours. Woke up about 10:00 to find my phone had switched itself off again. It seems to be doing that more and more often recently. Wasn't a complete loss. When I did get in, they didn't really know what to do with me, so after introductions and a less than formal run through of my job I was sent home early.

So, I got to work on getting myself set up here in Holland. Visited the very impressive City Hall and applied for some sort of temporary security number. Once I have that I'll be able to open a bank account in one of these Dutch banks and see about getting paid.

The Irdeto head office itself is very impressive. Brand new modern building, very nice. No door can be opened without the right level of security clearance. Everyone seems to be very friendly and open. The front stairs are unnaturally steep though, something of a deathtrap. The secretary seemed almost unnaturally friendly. I think she may be American based on her accent. They provide free coffee and soft drinks for the workers, all in glass bottles oddly. Something about being easier to recycle I guess.

Went for another wander in town today, definitely need a bike. Found another two bikeshops, though they seem to deal mainly in mountain bikes, racers and hybrids. Both have a couple of nice single speed city bikes in the €150-€200 range. Nearly all of them are women's step through frames, though Cian tells me that outside of Ireland and the UK, this style of frame is considered sensible, rather than a ladies frame.

Also managed to grab a cheap phone in Saturn on vodafone prepay. Should do me for a couple of months til I return. Next task; get a house.


  1. Ouch at sleep in on first day,

    those this now mean you have an off shore acccount to launder your money in?

  2. I'm reasonably sure it's all above board. :)