Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sun is Shining in the Sky

I don't think anyone could have hoped for better weather than we've been getting the past few days here in Holland. Sure it started with the most impressively thunderous rainstorm I've seen in years, but since then we've had nothing but cloudless sky blue days, blistering sun and cool breezes.
Another day in Irdeto with fun and games. Met more people today, wandered around lots. Spent much of the day reading documentation and technet articles regarding Hyper-V in relation to Windows Server for what I'll be spending the summer doing. If nothing else, by the end of this all I'll know buckets more about Windows Server and about Hyper-V than when I started.

Was introduced to a chap today who might be able to sort me out with a room in a house in Heemstede, just to the north. I'm told the main commuter bus to Haarlem stops right outside the door, which would be dead handy for obvious reasons. No trains going that way though, there are three trains out of the town, one to Amsterdam, one to Rotterdam and another to the Hague. Well, three isn't entirely accurate, but thats the direction the lines all go in.

All of the coca cola I've gotten here outside Burger King has been in glass bottles. Old style ones. I'm told it's not the norm, that it's just how they get them in work, but I'm beginning to like it. Opening a glass bottle is cool, and the coke tends to be colder and fizzier. Also, It may just be the narrow mouth, but it takes a while to drink it. Much longer than you'd expect.

Whenever I've ordered chips here in Hoofddorp over the past few days, I've always been asked did I want mayonnaise or ketchup. I'll admit that I've tried mayonnaise on chips before now, in IKEA a few days after watching Pulp Fiction, and it's honestly not that bad as sauces for chips go. What they serve here though, what the call mayonnaise, it's now what I think of when I think of mayonnaise. It's the right colour and consistency all right, but the taste is quite a bit different, nicer. A little bit sweeter, more of a tang. It goes well with chips. As an aside, while the locals call it mayonnaise, the packaging clearly reads "Chips sauce."

I'm beginning to enjoy the long walk from the Hotel to work, I think I'm going to miss strolling by the petting zoo on the way. The cockerel and the peacocks crying in the morning was amusing.

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