Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Straight from the Microwave

My ingenious cooking plan was an enormous success. Gone are the mediocre meals of pasta and sauce. In are the mediocre meals of pasta and sauce! Followed by a microwaved meal of the same pasta and sauce which is mediocre in an entirely different way. Culinary genius, right here.

Live with a this Dutch bank card is easier than I would have imagined. Once I had it topped up, it was like money at my fingertips. Buy meal at checkout, cashier requests payment. Insert card, press okay, remove card. Meal paid for. The lack of any sort of PIN or identification system does leave me a little more concerned about losing it though. More caution can only be a good thing.

As I may have mentioned, recently, I've been trying Mozilla Thunderbird. It's an open-source mail client, similar to Microsofts Windows Mail or Outlook Express. I found it quite good, it took no work to get it working properly with Gmail, something which previous versions and other mail clients can't claim, and I was able to find an extension which added my address book to it.

I've found that I quite like the interface of Thunderbird, it's a nice mail client for both reading and writing. Not as nice as the gmail web interface, but very usable. I also like the notifications that it sends me. Unfortunately, I've found it to be very unstable. It has a tendency to freeze up when opening a mail, or while reading a mail, or while doing anything at all really. This isn't really an ideal feature in a mail client.

So I'm considering giving Windows Mail a lash. While it doesn't have Thunderbirds out of the box readiness, and might not sync well with my google contacts, it's bound to be more stable. I'm hoping that since Microsoft are no longer allowed to bundle it with Windows, they might have upped their game to convince people that it's worth using. I'll soon find out if my faith rewards me.

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